Friday, November 30, 2012

No Excuses November! The Finale!

It's the end of the No Excuses November!!!!

Don't be sad; now we can sit around watch Titanic, and eat chocolate! Reward time!!! No, I'm kidding. Just because we achieve a goal, or complete something , doesn't mean we immediately stop moving forward. You WORKED HARD to get to where you are today! Celebrate, and don't let that go! Progress is KEY! So, just because I'm going to be posting all types of candy and cookie recipes for December, doesn't mean you should stop all together. Fitness isn't "a one night stand" (or in this case a one month stand), it's a life style. So keep on keepin' on, and enjoy your feature presentation...

~No Excuses November Finale~
Moral of the Story:
Pinned ImageAmen to that right there! This is SOOOO true for everything in life too!!!!
Don't Think to Much Just Blast That Fat:
Let's play the gym game, play the gym game, do you want abs or do you want flab? Are you on your game? Playin' the gym game!
(Sorry, couldn't help going all out Lady Gaga on this one :)
Even if it is Harry Potter themed....
Pinned Image
Whoa There! Time to Simmer Down!:
Pinned Image
Reward Yourself! Yes YOU!:
Since your already feelin' the "high" of working out, add that buzz by go and getting yourself a nice green tea at Starbucks, or make it yourself at home!
*Did you know? Green tea fires up your metabolism, causing you to burn more fat! I'll take it!!!
I am an at home type of gal, so here's what I do to make my taste buds happy little campers:
- One green tea bag
- 1/4 cup Light Almond Milk
- Agave Nectar (Sweeten to taste)
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Happy Finale to Y'all!

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