Sunday, November 4, 2012

When my life became the Mean Girls movie....

“Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it".
  ~ Mean Girls
Well we got that one covered! I mean...come on now, just look at us, defying the limits of Halloween costumes! Doesn't get much sassier than this my friends.....

Yes we went as Sushi and a Lady Bug!!!
( P.S. Our costumes were %100 homemade and cost less than $5.00 TOTAL for BOTH of us!!! Smart cookies ;) )
"On Halloween girls usually wear some form of lingerie or animal ears".

Ohhhhhhhh yes... I wore MY animal ears to the party (antennas because I was a lady bug of course).......pshhhh don't you worry I didn't miss that important detail!!!

I think I looked shuckydarn classy!!!!
Was I prepared enough???
Oh yes yes yes! Why of course...........

"Because I showed up like this..."

       Me doing a lovely awkward pose in the middle of the party
Keeping it classy since......
never mind...

~Anyway, so last night I went to my first rave! I didn't know what to do exactly, and felt a little awkward, so me and the bowl of tortilla chips became best friends that night! <3
There was alot of dancing...which I was strugglin with a little bit. Partially because my antennas kept hitting me in the face, and I had to stop every five minutes to say OWWW!!!
I also saw a scary movie from the 70's about zombies...which traumatized me, so now I'm going to start hitting up those free therapy seriously......
ALL in ALL: It was a good night! Thank you to the hostess for putting together a great party!

Here are more pictures for your entertainment:

Sorry the quality is diffidently not fantabulous...

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