Friday, November 9, 2012

No Excuses Novemeber! Days 5 & 6

Today is a two in one day. Yay! Because the more the better :)
Yes more is good too, but I'm also posting to make up for tomorrow night as well. Why? Because this chicky has a flipper dippin' loooooonnnnngggg ballroom rehearsal out of town, and chances are I am going to be pretty tired when I get home late tomorrow night. So,with out further a due, here is your daily dose of No Excuses November!
Ain't that the truth! Is something in your life stressing you out??? Go blow off some steam and refresh by taking a nice run, in the crisp Fall air.
****Please dres warmly for a run if you live in a really cold area; Mandalina Ballerina is not responsible for any loonies who decide to make friends with frost bite!!!

No need for words, this picture says it all!

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