Monday, November 12, 2012

Where the REAL Wild Things Are...

Oregon, land of the hippies, home of the little critters that belong in zoo's!!!! For example, outside our city's Hospital there is a sign that says "WARNING: Wild Cougars Do Not Go Outside After Sundown".  Ay,ay,ay!!! Well, at least the location of the hospital is convenient, but do you see my point! Don't get me wrong though.....there are some cuties out there :)
BUT, Oregon has some sketchy creatures, that just like to pop up out of the blue and surprise you, and that's exactly what happened to me tonight.

I was bringing grocery's from my car, and because I'm like every other person, I had my hands full trying to bring in every single bag, so that I wouldn't have to go back out to the car again... Anywho, there I was, eight bags in hand, walking through my laundry room, to the front door. As I went to go close the door, with my foot, a big black thing brushed past my shoulder. Screaming I dropped all my bags, ran inside, and double locked the door. Did  I mention that Oregon has bats??? Well turns out that bat wanted to be my friend, but newsflash to you buddy ol' bat, I have enough friends. So here's my current status right now: all of  my lovely groceries are scattered about outside, and some bat is having his own little soiree in my laundry room!!! And call me a sissy, but I am NOT going back out there with Mr. Flutter wings still flying about!!!

Just for your pleasure here are some pictures of what I have to live with:
And if you ever come to visit.....Welcome to Oregon :)
.........................P.S I'm moving!!!

Ummmmm, just NO!!!

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