Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh Crepes!!!! I dropped my iphone :(

Your walking along through a parking lot, a crowded building, or your're just out and about, when suddenly.....BAM, the worst moment of your life occurs within seconds, you drop your prized pocession........your iphone

Now this story can go both ways depending on what kind of person you are, a lucky ducky or a klutzy butter fingers. so here it is the moment of truth.....

Did You Drop Your iPhone???

                          Why yes I did!                                                                           

                        Well if it got cracked then your in luck!                                    
No I'm not crazy! Trust me...
It didn't get cracked? Well then drop it again!!!!
No, seriously you'll thank me later....

Well here's what you can do........ Turn those cracks and shatters into a fashion statement!!!!! start a trend of dropping iPhone with your unique creativity!!!

BAM!!! Ain't It gorgeous!!! And you can do it too!!!!
1. Gather up a bunch of food dye (Whatever colors suit your fancy). Take off the lids (Duh!)
2. Optional: if you're a neat freak or O.C.D, get some toothpicks to make your designs cleaner
3. Take your tooth pick and dip it in the dye. Trace the dye up along the cracks of the iPhone, OR pour the the dye CAREFULLY into the cracks
****Don't worry about coloring "Outside the Lines"*******
4. Once your done take a LIGHTLY damp rag, or a baby wipe, and wipe gently over the iPhone: this will soak up the excess ink, leaving the dye in the cracks
5. The rest is up to you! you can show off your new case or add more! You can add glitter, stickers,etc.
*****TIP: Do you have a black iPhone? Try using nail polish. White, neon, glitter, and glow in the dark polishes work the best. You can purchase really cheap nail polish at Forever 21
-You can even take glow in the dark nail polish and put an thin cote over your new prodect. Not only will it act as a sealer, but it will make your phone glow, AND it won't alter the color!


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