Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Black Friday First-Timer; a view of the madness!

November 22nd-23rd was my first, and last Black Friday. Now I know it's been almost a week since the whole ordeal, and you're probably thinking "ummm a Black Friday article.... Mandy, I think you missed the boat on that one...". And the answer to that lovely thought of  yours is NO! No I did not miss the boat, I was recovering from the madness of fighting off the wild "animals". And part of recovering is letting it all out, getting it off your shoulders.
So, here is my story:

Being the "smart" person that I am I choose to go to Wal-Mart.
To all you newbies out there, going to Wal-Mart on Black Friday can be one of the worst decisions that you've ever made in your life. People were acting like they were just released from jail and like the banks had put up a sign that said Rob Me! This Friday Only!

......Fighting off  ravenous beasts (yes I am referring to the "lovely" people, whom we call our fellow shoppers), I grabbed "Mama Mia", the sing along version......
Yes it was very serious!

Trapped with no escape for 4 whole hours of my life. Time that I could have been using to sit around by myself, eating leftover Halloween Candy, and lounging in my gangster-rapper-fat-pants.
BUT, that my friends is the dedication of a first timer.
Ran into some friends, my "moral support team", to help me get through this rough time...

Ohhhh, and what a coincidence, we met a celebrity.
~Making friends jealous on Facebook since 2008~


We did some impromptu acting, and dramatic singing... (as we waited for the gates of the mall to open).
In my head I sound like Adele, so, of course I sounded great!

And then......!!!!
....the gates we're opened, and we we're released!!!
Roaming wild and free..... I choose to "observe", for safety purposes.

Everything has to come to a close at some point

And like all good nights it ended with a bang......


Let's just say that there's a first time for everything, and a last.
Moral of the story, I think I'm more of an online shopper kinda person...
But whatever floats your gondola.
Just know, all you die hearts out their, be careful when you go on this little mission of yours. So be safe, have fun, and plan ahead, and you'll have all your bases covered.

Enjoy the Madness!

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