Monday, November 19, 2012

Pumpkin Glam!

Put a bit of Glam in your Thanksgiving decor this year!!!! By beautifying plain old pumpkins, you can add that POP to your table, floor, attic, or where ever y'all eat! So what are you waiting for?!? Go make your holiday classy, in 3,2,1......!!!!!

Ombre: No, I'm not quizzing you on your Spanish ;). Ombre is a glitter spray paint. It's a wee bit hard to come by, in local stores; so try looking in a craft store near you! Watch out though, it's pricy!
 Glitter: What is life without glitter? What is ANYTHING without glitter? Nothing! That's what! Tinsel glitter can also be bought at a craft store, but you can also use other types of glitter to create different effects.

Happy Crafting!

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