Monday, November 5, 2012


~~~~~   WAIT!!!!! DON'T GET RID OF THAT!!!!!!~~~~~

Hold your horses there and slow down! Take that Goodwill bag up to your room right now, before it's too late!!!!!!!!!!!! Turn those rags into a FASHION STATEMENT! Express your "uniqueness", with your one of a kind you'll make your friends envious ;)

See!!! Just like that! Easy peezy lemon squeezy :)
******* Are you cleaning out your closets right now??? Well I am, even if it is a weird time of year to be sorting through your old things. Actually....think about it....... it is a good time! It's almost Thanksgiving, and it's going to start getting cold. Donate your old "doo dads and what nots" to those in need. I'll bet they'll really appreciate it. Now.....I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but Christmas is right around the corner! If you clear out your closet you can make room for all the nice goodies that are awaiting you under that tree (or Menorah)!!!

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