Thursday, November 8, 2012

The ULTIMATE of classy~ Bow tie nails

Yes we are "copying" Zoey Deschannel, But
who says you can't have celebrity nails

~~~~I saw this adorable idea in Elle magazine and I thought oh my gosh I HAVE to try this!~~~~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

      Soooo I did it, and I worked out all the little quirks and mishaps so you can do this easily! (fingers crossed)!!!
What you need:
- White nail polish
-Clear coat polish
-sharpie or black
nail polish
1. Paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish.
2. Here is where you go your own way! Choose your "weapon", black nail polish or Sharpie! I personally side with the Sharpie....sorry all you polish fans.
        - If you are using a sharpie: draw three dots on your nails and then draw the bows.
                - If you are using the polish: take a tooth pick and cut off the pointy tip ( make sure that  the new bottom is as smooth as you can get. No pokeys in this facility!) Dip the
tooth pick in the nail polish and CAREFULLY draw on your buttons and bows.
3. Paint a couple clear coats over the top to protect your cuties, and to give your nails a more sleek and sophisticated look!
*****WARNING: If you decided to go the Sharpie route there will still be smearing, even if you let the ink dry on your nails. Avoid this by dabbing bits of clear nail polish onto the buttons and bow ties ONLY! Then you can go back (after that dries), and paint a clear coat over the tops of your nails worry free!
~Where I wore my Look~
I wore my nails to my NHS (National Honors Society) induction ceremony. Since the bow tie nails read classy, I thought "why not make my outfit a classy side dish, a compliment, to my nails"? So I made a bow bun in my hair, to accentuate the tiny bows on my nail tips. Then to put a classic, British, gentleman, style twist I added a mustache necklace. Needless to say this outfit was a big hit at the ceremony!
Pictures below for your entertainment:

 Hopefully I have inspired you to keep on being one classy chick! Enjoy and have fun with your stylish nails!
<3 <3<3

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