Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Bearer of BAD Gifts!-----STOP the Madness!

The Christmas Season is here!
Along with carols, joy, cheer, holiday cookies, AND....
Bad Christmas Presents....
Some of the Christmas gifts these days....... somebody PLEASE call in Martha Stewart!!!
Oh don't play dumb over there! You know what I'm talking about. We've all gotten that one gift where we're just like"ehhhh...", and then put it away to give to some one we hate next year.

And if that's your thing, well then that's just hunky dory! You go right on ahead and become one of those people who gives out banana bread in a jar (for example). What is happening to the world?!?Apparently some people think it's cute....... but, I think I'm missing something here.
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    I don't get it....

Oh The things I have seen……………………….. I understand that any gift that comes from the heart is good, but in reality, sometimes it’s from the heart of the pantry. A very,very, dark and dusty part....

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OH! And what is with this elf on a shelf thing??? I'm sorry, but there will be no elves on this girls shelf!

(I think it looks scary.......)

let's put the classy back into Christmas. You can still save money and make homemade gifts, for a great price, without making it look like you got all crafty and whipped something up at the last minute!

So yours truly, Is here to give you the helping hand you need!
Come back during the holiday season to find fabulous crafts, that you can make on a budget!!! While still maintaining some class and sass!

    Get your little elves together and your workshop ready! We start tomorrow!!!!!!

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