Friday, December 7, 2012

Party Girl Pencils!!!!

While doing some of my Christmas shopping I came upon these Fru-Fru La-La Pencils!

The bright colors, scandalous polka dots, and wild up-do fringe edges, screamed Party Girl!
Of course, since I like to be the giver of classy (and playful) gifts during the Holiday season I thought that these would be great to give to some of my girl friends. But..... the store wasn't really feeling the whole "giving season" thing, and wanted $22 for them!!!!!!! No Way girl friend! This chicky's wallet can only handle so much giving.......
So the butter churning wheels in, my head, began to churn and I thought (a most billiant thought), "Hey! These are just pencils and some fancy tissue paper.....
And if I can make it, then trust me, you sure as heck can!
So let's get started!

This craft is great in.........
                                                as extra tid bits in a present bag........
                                                                                              or as party favors..........
You name it, it works!
  1. Grab your supplies! Glue, Scissors, Fun Tissue Paper (I prefer pink), Regular wooden pencils. Yep we're going old fashion :)
  2. Cut a strip of tissue, about 4 inches long, 10 inches tall. **** You're going to want to cut your paper longer if the tissue paper is thin.
  3. Cut fringe on the top of the paper. Not too long though, otherwise it will be difficult to wrap.
  4. Put some glue all over the pencil. Literally go crazy, work that glue stick!!!! Yes, even put glue on the eraser!
  5. Start rolling up the pencil, TIGHTLY!!! Put a bit of glue on the tissue covered pencil each time that you roll. This will insure that the tissue is secure.
  6. Finish rolling and adding your last touches of glue (as you see fit). Take the leftover tissue and twirl it at the base (where the leftover tissue meets the pencil). This will secure those lovely little frillies! **** If your frills just aren't cooperating, it's okay we all have those days, so no worries! Use a LITTLE bit of hairspray. This will add that extra security.
     E't Voi La! You are done!
    Go and give these sassy looking pencils to all of your friends! Trust me, they will be a big hit!
    Here are the same steps in pictures, for all you visual learners out there!

    Take that you $22 pencils you!!!!
Total Cost: 99 cents
Nope this is not a lie! Classy gifts can be cheap!

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