Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas!

Oh the smells of the the holidays! In my opinion these are the best smells of the year!
But, out of ALL the holiday smells,(and as you know, there are ALOT of them), the smell of oranges has to be my favorite! I know it's not the stereotypical "Christmas-Scent", but hey who cares?
And did you know that you can take a plain ol' orange and turn it into a sweet smelling candle????
Well guess what??? You can!!!
You don't have to make a trip to Bath and Body works to make your home smell good this season! Just get your booty up off that couch, and skeedaddle on over to your kitchen! Fill your home,(or wherever you fancy), with the sweet aroma and cozy glow of the holidays!
Now, Go to your fruit bowl, grab an orange and have at it!

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