Monday, December 10, 2012

Brighten up the Holidays~ Homemade Lanterns

Nothing like a couple of Doily's to light up some ones Christmas.

Actually I'm being serious, believe it or not. Who knew that you could make a lantern using a balloon and some doily's for under five dollars???!!!
The wonderful people at Pinterest that's who!

Pinned Image
~ To put the Doily's on the balloon use Elmer's glue, or wall paper glue.
~ Once the Doily's have dried, pop the balloon with a needle.
*** REMEMBER to leave a large enough circle at the top of the balloon, so that there will be enough room for a light!
And then you'll be all set!
So hang it by a string, or one of those fancy cords with a light on the end (for the real deal lantern effect), and enjoy, or give it away as a gift this holiday!

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