Friday, December 14, 2012

Ballerina Snowflake Decor!!! The best things in life are free (and homemade)!

Pretty, Elegant, AND Easy Christmas decorations!
Ballerina Snowflakes
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The years of the blasé snowflakes have come, and are finally gone! (Hallelujah for originality!) Now you can make your old fashioned, go-to, paper snowflakes with an elegant twist!!!
First things first, cut out a paper ballerina. Then, turn a paper snowflake into a tutu. And, Voi La! There you go! See? I told you so..... it's sooo easy!
 Now you have ballerinas and snowflakes!!! Best of both worlds right there! These are a great, and magical addition to your holiday decor! Hang them on a garland, or by some pretty lights, and transport yourself into a REAL winter wonderland!
Plus.....they're cheap... I know how perfect is that!  All you need are the templates below! And some scissors (of course), and some tape if your not too snazzy when it comes to paper cutting!
 For the Tutu's...

***TIP: Use regular paper for the tutu's. The more easy and pliant the better!
For The Ballerinas...
***TIP: Use construction paper for the bodies! Why??? It will just make your life easier...
Make sure the Tutu fits well! You don't want the ballerina to moon all of your holiday guests!!! And, we really,really want Santa to come back again next year, booty showin' off in this establishment!
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And like I've said before, don't be afraid of putting your own twist on it! Use different colors, O.D on the glitter, add some googly eyes, whatever works for you, go for it!
Express yourself!
Special Treat!
Here are some real life ballerina snow flakes! Enjoy this video of the famous "snow scene", from the holiday classic, The Nutcracker!

Side Note: Bucket list wish---to dance around in fake snow and make other people jealous! I know I'm mean, but how often is it that you get to dance around in a blizzard of fake snow!?!?!? Not very often I'll tell you that!

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