Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party Pop Anthem!!! ~~~ New Years Eve Celebratory Decor!

Party Poppers in the House Tonight!
Or...tomorrow night because it's New Years Eve!!!!
BRING ON 2013!!!

And what better way to ring in the New Year than with a bang that explodes brightly colored confetti ?!?
(That's a trick question, there is no better way)
All you need to do is fill a clear balloon with confetti, fill the ballon helium, and add a colorful decorative string to give it that extra party flavor!
And then...
Pop it with a pin! So fun and so simple!
Save your money on that plane ticket to New York!!! With all the glitter and what-nots floating about your head you'll feel like your partying  in times square!
 So grab your friends, grab your party poppers, and don't forget the Champagne!
Happy Partying!

Cheers to you this year! And may all you dreams come true!
And don't worry about the New Year, 13 is a lucky number anyways :)

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