Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Wonderland Survival Kit!

Christmas is over...Now what???
As December ends January begins!!!! Now the winter blues, and boredom start to seep in.....yay.....
Wait! Ignore the sarcasm, and don't worry, there's a cure!!!
When I begin to feel those 'ol winter blues starting to kick in I bring out my
Winter Wonderland Survival Kit!
Inside, is pure joy, and everything you need to survive one of those dark, boring, depressing, and chilly, winter days...
(Puppy not included)
The Tools of Survival
  • Hot Cocoa ( Where would we be with out it?!?)
  • Candy Canes (Great for stirring or for eating! Candy Canes never go out of style during the winter months!)
  • Marshmallows Christmas Peeps ( Nothing says winter like candy canes, chocolate, and fluff! Well lucky for us Peep's has a holiday special that combines the three best things in the world! But hurry!!!! They're limited edition, so stalk up!!!)
  • Over sized Mug (because who doesn't love 'em?)
  • Fuzzy Socks & Blanket (Warm+Fuzzy= Girls best friend)
  • Candle, and some matches might be helpful...(No fireplace included in this kit, but nothing says cozy like a warm candle light glow!)
  • Favorite Movie!!! (Something that makes you smile! My favorite is Mean Girls...what can I say...nothing makes me feel better inside than some loving words from Regina George!) 
  • A best friend(s) to laugh with! The crazier, the better!(Laughing chases away all the winter blues!)P.S: Good luck getting them in the box by the way, I know for me it was a struggle ;)
You can personalize your kit anyway you want! Whatever makes you happy, throw it in the box! 
And remember, you will survive!
(As long as you are prepared, otherwise no gaurentees...)

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